North Yorkshire County Council is the Local Planning Authority for Spofforth. Whilst the LPA has no statutory obligation to consult Parish Councils on planning applications, it has a duty to notify the Parish Council of any planning applications for the area (including applications affecting the village even if they are over the boundary with an adjoining Council) and Parish Councils are afforded the opportunity of making its opinions known and bringing to the attention of the LPA local issues of which they may not be aware.

This is the only stage at which the Parish Council has a right to make observations so it is important that views are made known at this stage.




Planning is an open process and the Council is required to publicise planning applications. This is usually achieved by placing notices in the vicinity of the application site by fixing them to a nearby lamp-post. The plans and copies of the application are made available for viewing at

Details of applications also appear in the Harrogate Advertiser series on a Friday.




If you want to object to or support any particular application you will need to:
Send in your objections or observations to the District Council as soon as you are made aware of or receive notification of the application
If you wish the Parish Council to know your views before it sends in its own comments, write to the clerk, or cc your e-mail



Alterations to your home

Although some work may be ‘permitted development’, it is unwise to assume that you can extend or alter your home without applying for permission. The "rules" controlling permitted development rights were changed in 2012 and these changes were intended to make it easier to erect some extensions, convert lofts etc... without the need to obtain planning consent in every case. This relaxation was intended to be for a three year period. However the new rules are subject to some local interpretation and indeed in some cases have made the situation worse as tree houses and decking etc. now require a full application to be made. In any event, properties in Conservation Areas are subject to yet more constraints so an inquiry to the LPA is always worthwhile before embarking on any such projects.

It is strongly recommended that householders always contact North Yorkshire Planning to enquire whether proposed changes do require planning permission. You are advised not to accept the opinion of builders, contractors or installers of prefabricated extensions as authoritative. Please note that, even when work is classed as permitted development, it is required to comply with current Building Regulations.