Welcome to the historic village of Spofforth

Spofforth is the picturesque village in the Harrogate district of North Yorkshire, England. Located just 3 miles northwest of Wetherby and 5 miles south of Harrogate, this historic village is a hidden gem along the banks of the tranquil River Crimple. Spofforth is not only renowned for its stunning natural beauty but also for its vibrant sense of community.

In the heart of the village sits Spofforth Castle, the ruined medieval residence of William de Percy dating back to 1067.

It also boasts enviable amenities, including a well-stocked village shop and deli, with a convenient post office and a charming Bistro. To top it all off, The Castle Inn, invites you to unwind and experience the warm hospitality that Spofforth has to offer. Discover the rich history, scenic wonders, and lively spirit of Spofforth as you explore all it has to offer.

The village hosts numerous clubs, societies, and social events in the Village Hall, on the Castle Field and it's Cricket Club, fostering a strong bond among residents and visitors alike.  

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Map History

The village saw the building of the castle in the thirteenth century.


Picturesque Spofforth